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Jeremy Freeman

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  • ButGod : The Power Of Hope When Catastrophe Crashes In


    Pastor Jeremy Freeman shares the miraculous story of his son’s 10 percent chance of survival after a devastating car accident, the darkness that nearly overtook their family, and the #butGod movement that captured the prayers of believers and brought hope and healing.

    Sir, your sons have been in a car accident. How quickly can you get here?

    From the phone call no parent wants to receive to the frantic drive toward the flashing lights at the side of the highway, then the ER, the neuro ICU, and the rehab hospital to persevering through seemingly impossible odds, #butGod is the raw remembrance from pastor, husband, and father Jeremy Freeman of the events that nearly left his family undone and the stunning hope and astonishing healing they experienced instead. The story is also an explicit invitation to risk it all for the spiritual satisfaction that outlasts even the most coveted earthly gains.

    Caleb’s story proves that through tragedy it is possible to create waves that ultimately change the world. Doctors gave him very little chance of survival, but Jeremy and his wife, Emily, turned to God in prayer, encouraging other believers to join them through interviews by local news stations and online messages. Jeremy witnessed God move others to pray and saw God begin to miraculously heal Caleb. As a father, he learned to let go of his dreams for his family so that he could grasp God’s higher goals instead.

    Nearly four years later, Caleb is able to walk and talk, and he is passionate about sharing Jesus with others and he swears he wouldn’t change a thing. Jeremy transparently discloses how God turned their tragedy into a powerful testimony of hope and faith that is shared through the emergence of the #butGod movement.

    Readers will:

    *see that they’re not alone in their struggle to cope with tragedy and grief.

    *receive biblical wisdom for holding onto faith while in the midst of trauma.

    *experience Caleb’s miraculous healing journey after a traumatic brain injury and his inspiring spiritual walk that has brought the gospel of Jesus Christ to so many.

    *understand the challenges Jeremy and his wife faced in their marriage and the ways they sought God to work through tension and doubts.

    *highlight how God can take a tragedy and turn it into a triumph.

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