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John Frederick

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  • Worship In The Way Of The Cross


    Preface And Acknowledgments

    Part I: The Story That Shapes Cruciform Worship
    1. The Stories That Transform (or Deform) Us And The World: The Narrative Background To Cruciform Worship
    2. The World That We Shape And The World That Shapes Us: The Transformative Power Of Cruciform Worship

    Part II: Cruciformation: Worship In The Way Of The Cross
    3. An Introduction To Cruciformation (or, Toward A Theology Of “Family Resemblance”)
    4. Cruciform Knowledge: Encountering Christ Through Cruciform Worship
    5. Cruciform Perfection: Completion In Christ Through Cruciform Community
    6. An Apology For The Church

    Part III: Cruciform Counterculture
    7. Worship At The Karaoke Chapel: From Subculture Of Sameness To Counterculture Of Cruciformity
    8. How The Many Become One In Christ: From Homogeneous Unit To Multicultural, Multigenerational, Countercultural Family
    9. Cultivating A Counterculture Of Cruciform Worship: Some Basic Principles, Paradigms, And Approaches

    Part IV: Interpersonal Cruciformity
    10. Introduction To Interpersonal Cruciformity
    11. Interpersonal Cruciformity In The Congregation
    12. Interpersonal Cruciformity Within The Pastoral Staff

    Part V: Cruciform Liturgy
    13. The Liturgy Of Cruciform Worship: Cruciformation Through Liturgical Ideation
    14. The Cruciformational Prayers Of The People: Ideation Through Supplication
    15. The Cruciformational Preaching And Singing Of The Word: Ideation Through Proclamation And Melodic-Harmonic Incarnation
    16. Cruciformation Through Holy Communion: Ideation Through Sacramental Participation

    Part VI: Cruciform Mission
    17. Cruciformission


    Additional Info
    Too often worship is seen as just the music, an on-stage performance that puts the spotlight on the worship leader. But worship is fundamentally an other-centered, self-giving act of service. Worship properly directed to God for his glory also results in the Christlike formation and transformation of both worship leaders and congregants. Worship leader and biblical scholar John Frederick unpacks the shape of worship in the way of the cross, where leaders act not as lords but as servants. With a mix of biblical exposition and practical insights, he explores a cruciform theology of worship: as the cross demonstrates the nature of God, worship in the way of the cross transforms us into the image of God who is love. Thus worshipers and worship leaders alike can come to embody the other-centered humility of Christ. This paradigm has implications for how worship leaders and pastoral staff relate to one another, and for renewing the artistic output of the church. In cruciform worship, we encounter the Son of God and embody the love of God. Discover how in worship we can empty ourselves for the transformation of others.

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