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Matthew Lockhart

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  • 50 Bible Stories Every Adult Should Know Volume 2 New Testament


    Wait … that’s in the Bible?

    Chances are there are stories in the Bible you’ve never heard or have forgotten. Or maybe you’re like many people–completely missing it when someone makes a cultural or literary reference to a common Bible story. Either way, this visually rich collection of true tales curated especially for adults will surprise, entertain, and inform, as you journey through some of the most important stories in the Old Testament.

    This combination of 50 classic favorites and poignant lesser-known stories holds relevance for devout believers and skeptics alike. Inside these pages, you’ll uncover …

    *Easy-to-read stories featuring Bible text from reliable modern translations, along with brief introductions providing historical background and context.

    *Practical truths applicable to the busy, messy, and sometimes-turbulent lives of adults.

    *Quotes, tidbits, and asides related to the Bible, geography, literature, and pop culture.

    *More than 75 vibrant, classic fine art illustrations. The action-oriented–and at times, campy–vintage Bible art illuminates the biblical text, bringing the events to life.

    Discover–and see–the Bible in a fresh way. Walk the ancient dusty paths, hear the battle cries, and marvel at the miraculous as you experience 50 Bible Stories Every Adult Should Know.

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