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Melissa Kruger

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  • Ephesians Bible Study Book With Video Access (Student/Study Guide)


    Who am I? The question of identity is always in the back of our minds, and it’s currently at the forefront of social conversations. But the first question we need to ask is: Who is God? Then we can begin to consider, And who am I in light of who He is? In his letter to the Ephesians, Paul describes God as a merciful and forgiving Father who unites us in Christ and empowers us to live by the Spirit. We’re adopted children and fellow citizens with the saints because of God’s loving pursuit on our behalf.

    In this 7-session study, Bible teachers, authors, and friends Jackie Hill Perry, Jasmine Holmes, and Melissa Kruger walk through the book of Ephesians, examining the invaluable truths Paul’s letter holds for us today. Along the way, they’ll help us understand the riches of our inheritance as daughters of our heavenly Father, as well as what it means to walk in a manner worthy of our calling.

    Video Sessions:

    Session 1: Introduction (11:14)-Authors Jackie Hill Perry, Jasmine Holmes, and Melissa Kruger welcome you to the Ephesians Bible study, provide an overview for this book of the Bible, and explain what you can expect from their conversation-based videos.

    Session 2: Ephesians 1: Praise & Prayer (41:50)-In this video, the authors discuss Ephesians 1 together. Their conversation includes Paul’s detailed list of spiritual blessings for those who are in Christ, as well as Paul’s personal prayer for the Ephesian Christians.

    Session 3: Ephesians 2: Alive & Unified (33:17)-Belonging to Christ transforms every aspect of our lives. This is one of the key takeaways from this video session as the authors unpack Paul’s words in Ephesians 2. They also discuss how God’s grace means we aren’t left dead in our sins, but we’re given new life and invited into relationship with God and His people.

    Session 4: Ephesians 3: Mystery & Power (34:41)-In this video session, the authors spend time discussing the beautiful mystery Paul describes in Ephesians 3-the expansive reach of God’s love-and they consider how Paul’s example of prayer for others can inspire our own prayers.

    Session 5: Ephesians 4: Unity & Maturity (33:53)-Paul’s letter takes a noticeable shift in Ephesians 4. He moves from teaching about who God is to teaching about how to live for Him. Among the topics discussed in this video are the unity and diversity of the body of Christ and distinguishing characteristics of the life of a child of God.

    Session 6: Ephesians 5: Light & Love (35:12)-In

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  • Fruitful : Cultivating A Spiritual Harvest That Won’t Leave You Empty


    A Devotional for Harvesting God-Given Spiritual Fruits

    As Christians, we long for a spiritually fruitful life. However, our attempts to work more and hustle harder only leave us feeling weary and worn. Thankfully, God’s word supplies the nourishment we so desperately need. As we abide in Jesus, he fills our emptiness with an abundant crop of spiritual fruit.

    Through the trusted voices of several female bestselling authors, editors, and Bible teachers, this 40-day devotional explores each of the 9 fruits of the Spirit found in Galatians 5. Every daily reading includes a related verse to ponder, a theologically rich reflection, additional Bible passages to read, and a prayer. This short format provides readers with an easy-to-use devotional resource, filled with substantial biblical counsel for harvesting God-given spiritual fruit.

    *Unpacks Each Fruit of the Spirit: Pulling content from Galatians 5 and other Scripture passages, this book is deeply biblical and theologically rich

    *Great for Individuals and Groups: Devotions are perfect for personal reading or as a tool to encourage a group of friends

    *Devotional: Each of the 40 readings includes reflections, responses, and prayers

    *Recipes: Recipes from the contributors’ kitchens for fruit dishes to make at home

    *Contributions by Trusted Voices: Melissa Kruger, Abbey Wedgeworth, Lydia Brownback, Courtney Doctor, Megan Hill, Winfree Brisley, Lindsey Carlson, Blair Linne, Trillia Newbell, and Sharonda Cooper

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  • Lucy And The Saturday Surprise


    This TGC Kids Book Introduces Children to the Dangers of Envy and the Joy of Contentment

    One Saturday morning, Lucy and her brother, Lewis, each get to choose one piece of candy from the store. But Lucy’s delight quickly disappears when she unwraps her chocolate and discovers it melted! Envying her brother’s long-lasting lollipop, Lucy spirals into a pattern of discontent: see, covet, take, and hide. Her envious actions make her feel miserable, but her dad helps her find the path to freedom and grace.

    Everyone struggles with wanting what others have. Lucy and the Saturday Surprise helps children understand the dangers of letting desire fester into envy. Through colorful illustrations and engaging characters, Lucy’s story shows kids how to fight against envy and reminds us all that Jesus offers freedom from both the penalty and power of sin. A TGC Kids book.

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