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  • Book Of Job


    Packed with visuals, reflections, and space for journaling, the 6-session Book of Job Bible study helps you dive deep into key questions about faith and suffering. Perfect for groups and individuals, it includes a FREE leader’s guide, so you don’t need to be an expert to lead a group study!

    Who is responsible? How could this happen to me? Why would God allow this? Have you ever asked questions like these? Some of us may never get the answers to these questions, which is why God gave us the Book of Job. While Job’s story may not answer every question we have, studying his story can help us hold on to faith and hope while living through life’s mysteries.

    Enjoy Rose Visual Bible Study’s Simple, Easy-to-Use Format

    Each of the 6 sessions guides you (and your group) through the following sections:

    *Introduction Simple overview to get started.

    *Read It Key Bible passages and optional reading.

    *Know It Discussion questions with space for writing.

    *Explore It Summaries of key information, easy-to-read outlines, charts, full-color illustrations, and more.

    *Live It Devotional reading and life application questions, a short prayer, and space for note-taking & journaling.

    Job is living the good life. He is a devout man blessed with good health, a large family, and material wealth, until one day it is all taken away. Yet amid his deep sorrow, Job continues to trust in the Lord. While he struggles to make sense of his desperate situation and respond to the explanations his friends offer for his appalling losses, he also grows in faith and humility, personally explores the problems of evil and injustice, re-evaluates traditional ideas around prosperity and suffering, and even finds purpose hiding beneath his pain.

    This six-week study covers key themes in the Book of Job that will help you discover the strength of enduring faith and the ability to reach out and help others who are facing life’s toughest challenges. The six sessions include:

    *Job’s Pain
    *Job’s Friends
    *Job’s Redeemer
    *Job’s Refinement
    *Job’s Reality
    *God’s Answer
    *PLUS: Free Leader’s Guide

    Key Features of the Book of Job Rose Visual Bible Study

    Rose Visual Bible Studies are packed with full-color visuals that show key information at a glance! With their easy-to-use format–read it, know it, explore it, and live it–these six-week inductive studies are perfect for gaining a deeper insight into God’s Word. Key features include:

    *Short, concise lessons for peopl

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  • Rose Handbook Of Bible Charts Maps And Timelines


    Over 250 full-color Bible charts and maps. More than 2,000 years of timelines. Hundreds of key people and events. The Rose Handbook of Bible Charts, Maps, and Timelines is a must-have reference guide packed with incredible full-color study tools, illustrations, diagrams, and so much more! Not only will the resources in this handbook make the complex ideas in God’s Word both visual and easy-to-understand, but it will make exploration of the Bible more enjoyable and fascinating than ever!

    Bible maps and timelines. Israel’s feasts and family trees. Heaven and history. Proofs and prophecies. And so much more. Whatever Bible topics you’re looking for, you can easily find it with the turn of a page in The Rose Handbook of Bible Charts, Maps, and Timelines. Enjoy having more than 500 pages of full-color Bible maps, charts, timelines, and illustrations, covering dozens of Bible and Christian living topics! Includes:

    *Over 250 full-color reference charts featuring the New and Old Testaments, Christian history, genealogies, and more!

    *Hundreds of fascinating overviews of beloved Bible teachings (Jesus’ parables, Beatitudes, fruit of the Spirit, the armor of God, etc.)

    *Dozens of timelines across 2,000 years of church history

    *Then and Now maps of Bible places

    *In-depth dives into the twelve tribes, prophecies, Jewish feasts, Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Gospels

    *Biblical answers about prayer, heaven, money, forgiveness, sharing the gospel, and following Jesus

    *Side-by-side comparisons of major religions, cults, worldviews, and Christian denominations

    *Different views on baptism, the Lord’s Supper, spiritual gifts, Revelation, and the end times

    Packed full of fascinating details, The Rose Handbook of Bible Charts, Maps, and Timelines is sure to become your go-to resource for study, research, or answering a biblical question when it pops up!

    Key Features of The Rose Handbook of Bible Charts, Maps, and Timelines

    *Easy-to-Understand Designed with clear headings, bullet points, and written in an approachable style, The Rose Handbook is perfect for lifelong believers, new Christians, and youth groups!

    *Illustrated and Highly Visual Don’t just read about Noah’s Ark or where the exodus took place–SEE IT with colorful diagrams, cutaways, maps, and pictures. Enjoy having side-by-side comparisons of the Gospels, prophecies and fulfillments of Jesus, illustrated timelines of Christian history, and so much more!

    *Flexible & Multipurpose:

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  • Exodus : Bible Study – 6 Sessions


    Explore events foundational to our faith in this six-session study of the book of Exodus. Israel is enslaved in Egypt, wondering whether God’s covenantal promises to Abraham will be fulfilled. Suffering under oppression and violence, Israel cries out, and God hears, remembers, and acts. Through miraculous signs and wonders, God warns Pharaoh to relent, delivers Israel through the Red Sea, and brings the people into covenant at Mount Sinai. What will be Israel’s response?

    The defining events of Exodus shape Israel’s identity throughout the biblical narrative, from Joshua to Jesus. With your Bible in one hand and this study in the other, join us as we take an in-depth look at Exodus, the character of God, and the call of Israel as God’s chosen people. Discover foundational truths with the lessons of Israel: The Hebrew people were not just freed from slavery but also freed for a purpose. As Israel carried God’s presence into the world, they were called to live differently so the world would know there is a God in Israel.

    The six sessions include:

    1. God Hears: God cares about Israel’s oppression and the oppressed in our world.

    2. God Acts: God acts and begins a rescue plan for Israel.

    3. God Rescues: Israel is delivered, and God’s rescue plan begins in full.

    4. God Reigns: Israel comes to the Red Sea and cries out in despair, yet Miriam is prepared to sing of God’s deliverance.

    5. God Covenants: God invites Israel to become his people, betrothed to him alone.

    6. God Dwells: It is not just “freedom from” slavery but “freedom for” a purpose.

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  • Early Church Timeline


    Enjoy seeing 200+ years of early church history at a glance in this illustrated foldout timeline! Covers over 100 key events and people you need to know with summaries and visuals!

    From the end of the apostles to the 4th century rule of Emperor Constantine, see the growth of the church and the incredible spread of Christianity at a glance!

    Early Christian history is packed with names, events, and complicated politics, but what if you could get a solid overview using fascinating facts and compelling characters? This Early Church Timeline is the practical tool you (and those you lead) can use to answer questions and get historical context to any New Testament Bible study. Did you know…?

    *The first church building was constructed in Syria around AD 232.

    *Christians used the fish as a symbol as early as the 2nd century.

    *An aspiring philosopher named Justin was one of the first Christian apologists.

    *A prison diary from a noblewoman and martyr named Perpetua became an inspiration to other Christians facing persecution.

    *A North African theologian named Tertullian was the first to use the word “Trinity” to describe God.

    Explore Early Church History Chronologically!

    Early church history is rich with stories of conflict, martyrdom, politics, redemption, and triumph. You have history books, atlases, and encyclopedias, but you don’t have a lot of time! Where do you even start? Imagine being able to get a solid grasp on the top 50 events of the early church as you watch the expansion of Christianity, surviving even the ascension and persecution of the Roman empire… all in one solid, expert-researched timeline.

    Enjoy exploring concise summaries of the first-century Christian Church in this illustrated timeline pamphlet. Discover the fascinating stories of bishops, martyrs, and theologians who gave shape to church doctrine and provided inspiration for Christians facing oppression for aligning their lives not to the pagan gods of their neighbors, but to Jesus Christ alone.
    Through clear explanations, delve into the historical context, key figures, and pivotal events that laid the groundwork for Christianity as we know it today. Perfect for both newcomers and longtime believers, our pamphlet provides an inspiring and accessible overview of this crucial period in religious history, inviting readers to deepen their understanding and appreciation of the roots of their faith.

    Key Features of the Early Church Timeline: Spread of Chris

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  • Christian Denominations Pamphlet


    See 11 major Christian denominations side by side in this bestselling, UPDATED fold-out comparison chart. Includes: Catholic, Orthodox, Lutheran, Anabaptist (Mennonite and Brethren), Anglican (Episcopal), Reformed (Presbyterian), Congregational, Baptist, Methodist, Churches of Christ, and Pentecostal churches. Whether you’re answering a question during a small group study or refreshing your memory before a presentation, this solid pamphlet can help you glean what you need to know in seconds.

    Each denomination believes in the deity of Christ and the importance of Scripture, so how are the groups different? The bestselling Christian Denominations pamphlet is a glossy, easy-to-use comparison chart that provides a side-by-side format that compares what 11 Christian denominations believe about God, the Trinity, Jesus, and other key areas. Enjoy easily comparing unique details such as:

    *What each denomination believes about God and Jesus Christ, the Bible, salvation, the afterlife, church leadership, and the sacraments (baptism and Communion)

    *When and where each denomination was founded

    *Number of adherents (worldwide and US)

    *Largest divisions and groups today

    Also includes:

    *Family tree of denominations with historical dates and modern groups
    *Current trends in the US: evangelical, mainline, nondenominational, and more
    *Concise definitions for more than 25 important church terms to know

    Key Features of the Christian Denominations Pamphlet

    *Easy to use: It’s never been easier to get a concise summary of the top 11 Christian denominations than with this slimline foldout resource.

    *Highly visual: With Rose’s popular chart format, you can get information at a glance by referencing this side-by-side comparison chart.

    *Flexible: Whether you’re using this pamphlet for individual referencing or are putting together a lesson on Christian denominations, this resource will get you reliable facts, dates, and statistics you need to know.

    *Packable: No more heavy volumes to carry! This sturdy, ultra-slimline pamphlet is laminated and easily slips into the covers/cases of most Bibles. Pack it into your backpack, purse, or bookbag for on-the-go convenience.

    This is an excellent resource for pastors and teachers who want to present denominational beliefs in an objective and focused way. This pamphlet’s glossy coating makes it durable, but still thin enough to fit in the back of a Bible.

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  • 50 Greek Words Every Christian Should Know


    50 Greek Words Every Christian Should Know is an easy-to-understand, practical quick-reference pamphlet that will immediately refresh your Bible study, covering the basics of common biblical Greek words, definitions, and more! Here’s a sample of this amazing reference pamphlet:

    Word: Apokalupsis

    *Pronunciation: ah-paw-KAH-loop-sis

    *Scripture: 1 Peter 1:13 “Set your hope on the grace to be brought to you when Jesus Christ is revealed at his coming.”

    *Definition: revelation, disclosure, apocalypse

    *Insights: The English word apocalypse is a rendering of apokalupsis, the title of the book of Revelation. Since Jesus’s return is associated with the end of the world, apocalypse evokes thoughts of worldwide disasters. However, the Greek word simply means “a revealing.” Jesus’s return is the time when he will be revealed.

    Unpack Rich Biblical Greek Words, Definitions, and Meanings in Seconds

    Diving into biblical Greek doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating! In fact, learning basic Greek is both easy and fun with Rose’s 50 Greek Words Every Christian Should Know! Being able to understand the multiple meanings of even a single Greek word is worth the richness and depth of meaning you’ll get from God’s Word. In the highly practical, visual, and clear style of Rose Publishing pamphlets, you can now have a crash course on the top 50 Greek words every Christian should know! From “adelphos” to “zoe,” deepen your Bible study with:

    *English transliteration and Greek spelling
    *Key Scripture
    *Pronunciation and definition
    *Short explanation
    *Relevant Scripture references

    Imagine reading a Bible passage and being able to unpack and share the deeper meanings of “charizomai” or “logos” with your Bible study and friends. In just the turn of a page, you can! 50 Greek Words Every Christian Should Know is a treasure trove of information that helps readers explore the Greek meaning of important words in the New Testament. Clear and easy to read, this quick-reference pamphlet and Bible study aid will help you (and those you lead) unlock a deeper understanding of God’s Word.

    This Pamphlet Covers 50 Greek Words Every Christian Should Know

    Enjoy having an easy-to-use Bible reference source you can carry with you or hand to a friend. Learn how to pronounce, define, and understand Greek words like:

    *Agape (love, affection, warm regard)
    *Charis (grace, favor, goodwill)
    *Ekklesia (assembly, church, congregation)
    *Kairos (appointed time, seaso

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  • Rose Deluxe Timelines


    This fully reproducible Rose Deluxe Timelines is packed with over 2,600 key Bible events in Bible and Christian history and features illustrations, summaries, and more! Enjoy these amazing features:

    *Side by side 32″ timeline foldouts
    *Illustrated and color coded
    *Fully reproducible
    *And more!

    Imagine having dozens of timelines on any Bible or church topic you could want-from Abraham and Isaac to the invention of the Gutenberg Press and Martin Luther King Jr.-all packed into one amazing book! See thousands of key events, people, and places at a glance in Rose’s new Deluxe Timelines book!

    Enjoy Dozens of Full-Color, Illustrated Timelines at Your Fingertips!

    Rose Deluxe Timelines is the ultimate resource for Bible and Christian history. With thousands of key dates, people, and events, each timeline is uniquely designed and features hundreds of photos and illustrations to enhance learning. These 28 timelines range from quick overviews offering the big picture of Bible and church history to large, detailed timelines that fold out up to 32 inches! Here’s a peek at what’s inside!

    20+ Bible Timelines

    *Book of Genesis: 120+ key events & people
    *Bible Characters: Individual timelines for 8 major Bible figures
    *Life of Jesus: Life & ministry of Christ in the Gospels
    *Jerusalem: 140+ events from King David to today
    *And more!

    7 Christian History Timelines

    *The Early Church: Persecution, growth, heresies, martyrs, early theologians
    *Reformation: John Wycliffe & Martin Luther to the Pilgrims & King James Bible
    *How We Got the Bible: How Scripture was copied, translated & passed down
    *Faith in America: 150+ events from the Colonial Period through the Civil War
    *And more!

    Key Features of Rose Deluxe Timelines: Bible & Christian History

    *Illustrated and full color: These visually attractive timelines provide extra depth and reference to your Bible study experience with illustrations and photographs. Don’t just read about people, places, and events-see them!

    *Easy-to-read: With bold headers, color-coding, and easy-to-see text, it’s never been easier to absorb key information at a glance.

    *Reproducible: Make up to 300 copies for your students or congregation

    *All-in-one: This timeline resource is jam packed with timelines covering all the need-to-know subjects of the Old and New Testaments, Christian history, the Epistles, Bible history, and so much more!

    Covers Every Major Time Period and Thousands of Key People & Event

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  • Women Of The Bible Timeline Pamphlet


    Enjoy having a chronological overview of 100 key women of the Bible with this full-color pamphlet! From Eve and Esther to Mary Magdalene and the Samaritan woman at the well, dive into the stories of these 100 women side by side at a glance!

    There are dozens of key women of the Bible to remember, but it can be difficult to keep track of who is who and which women lived in which era. Now you can get a solid overview using this handy foldout timeline which features more than 100 women from the Old and New Testaments alongside dozens of key biblical events. This stunning timeline is packed with:

    *Brief summaries with key information
    *Colorful illustrations
    *Scripture references
    *Key events and time periods in Bible history

    Perfect for classrooms, study reference use, and as gifts for friends!

    This Pamphlet is Filled with Fascinating Facts

    It’s never been more fun to dive into the histories of these incredible women of the Bible!
    Learn fascinating facts such as:

    *Mary, mother of Jesus, was present when Jesus turned water to wine, at his crucifixion, AND was likely present at Pentecost

    *Deborah, widely known as a prophet and a judge, also gained prominence as a wise ruler and a warrior who went into battle

    *Described as a “prophet” Noadiah attempted to stop Jeremiah from building a wall around Jerusalem

    *Following a visitation from an angel, Samson’s mother bore Samson as a result of a miracle

    Get a Solid Overview of 100 Women of the Bible

    Learn about famous women from the Bible:

    *Matriarchs of Israel, like Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, and Leah
    *Faithful and courageous women, like Hannah, Ruth, and Esther
    *Notorious women, like Jezebel and Herodias, who killed the prophets of God
    *Women in the Gospels whose lives were changed by Jesus, like Mary Magdalene, the
    *Samaritan woman, and sisters Mary and Martha
    *Early Christian leaders, like Lydia, Priscilla, and Phoebe

    Discover lesser known but fascinating women:

    *Jehosheba, who saved a child prince from being killed
    *Huldah the prophet, whose words to a king changed a nation
    *Shiphrah and Puah, who defied the pharaoh of Egypt
    *Five sisters who argued for their family’s right to a place in Israel
    *An Athenian named Damaris who became a believer after hearing Paul’s Mars Hill sermon

    This pamphlet’s high-gloss coating makes it a durable, convenient resource you’re sure to keep with you and use time and again. Fits in the back of most Bibles so you can take it any

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  • Rose Guide To Genesis


    With pictures, charts, maps, and timelines, easily get overviews and practical insights of God’s plan of redemption in the book of Genesis! The Rose Guide to Genesis is your quick-reference guide for exploring the fascinating people, places, and stories in the first book of the Bible. Enjoy having:

    *Overview & timeline of the book of Genesis
    *Geography, customs, and daily life in the ancient world
    *A to Z guide of who’s who in Genesis & family trees
    *Key themes of covenant, creation, and blessing
    *And much more!

    Spanning 50 chapters and hundreds of events and people, Genesis is one of the largest and most fascinating books of the Bible. It feels impossible to fully grasp all of Genesis in a short time, but what if you could quickly and easily get a solid understanding of the whole book? Imagine having:

    *A full timeline of Genesis’ 50 books in over 100 key events
    *A clear outline of Genesis unpacked and organized into an origin structure
    *Dozens of easy-to-read summaries of the most important people and events
    *And more

    Rose Guide to Genesis will help you dig deeper into the most important people, places, and stories in the first book of the Bible as you delve into the world of the ancient Near East. In Rose Guide to Genesis you will:

    *Learn about the people and lands of ancient world from Mesopotamia to Egypt with fascinating facts

    *Discover insights into family structure, customs, and religious practices of ancient peoples to give context to your Bible study

    *Uncover the many ways Christ is foreshadowed in the Book of Genesis

    *And so much more!

    4 Key Features of the Rose Guide to Genesis:

    *Quick-Reference: Find what you need fast using clear headers, charts, and simple summaries to answer the questions you have at the flip of a page!

    *Illustrated: Packed with dozens of graphics, photos, and illustrations, don’t just imagine what life was like in the time of Noah, Abraham, Sarah, and Jacob-SEE illustrations, maps, locations, and more!

    *Simple Overview: Covers everything you need to know about the Book of Genesis: hundredsof key events and peoplehistorical backgrounds

    *Solid and Reliable: Enjoy having well-researched knowledge in one compact handbook! You’ll have all the solidscriptural overviews and information you need at your fingertips.

    Perfect for:

    *Individual study
    *Small groups
    *Young adult and youth groups
    *Church libraries
    *And more!

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  • Rose Guide To The Epistles


    Rose Guide to the Epistles is your quick-reference guide through all the epistles in the New Testament. From Romans to Revelation, you’ll find the key facts and teachings of each epistle. Learn about the early church letters in their historical contest: Who wrote them? Why were they written? Why did they become part of the Bible? Plus, a closer look at the seven churches of Revelation and different Christian ways to interpret the book of Revelation. Includes:

    *Concise overviews for each epistle: who, what, where, when, and why
    *Who’s who in the epistles: an A to Z guide
    *Historical background about the cities of the epistles
    *Theology of the epistles: salvation church, the Spirit, end times, and more
    *Four views of the book of Revelation

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  • Women Of The Bible New Testament Bible Study


    Encounter fascinating women from the New Testament in this six-session Bible study. Their lives challenged what society said women like them “ought” to do–or not do–but social traditions do not constrict God! Discover these women’s tenacious faithfulness to their Lord, their seemingly insurmountable obstacles, and the unique roles they played in bringing others to Jesus and the new life he offers.

    Each session unpacks the history, culture, and geography that forms the backdrop to these women’s lives, giving you a deeper understanding of their stories and insight into what we can learn from them for today.

    This study will challenge what you thought you always knew about these women. Read their stories anew with this easy-to-use Bible study incorporating helpful visuals, thought-provoking questions, and practical life application.

    The six sessions include:

    *Mothers of Jesus from the genealogy in the gospel of Matthew
    *Mary and her warrior song in the gospel of Luke
    *Anna the prophetess at the temple
    *The Samaritan woman at the well
    *Sisters Mary and Martha
    *Women of the early church in Paul’s letters to the Romans

    Rose Visual Bible Studies are packed with full color visuals that show key information at a glance! With their easy-to-use format–read it, know it, explore it, and live it–these 6-week inductive studies are perfect for gaining a deeper insight into God’s Word.

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  • Fruit Of The Spirit Bible Study


    Do you think you know the fruit of the Spirit? Think again! In this six-session Bible study, you will rediscover the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, faithfulness, kindness, goodness, self-control, and gentleness. Learn the context around Paul’s writings about the fruit, and hone in on each fruit understand fully what it means to keep in step with the Spirit. Full color visuals, thought-provoking questions, Bible passages for further reflection, and more will offer a deeper look into a familiar topic. Gain new insights as you focus on the power of the Holy Spirit at work in your life.

    *Cover all nine fruits of the Spirit in six sessions
    *Know the meaning and Greek word for each fruit
    *Biblical examples of spiritual fruit-filled lives
    *Fruit of the Spirit vs. acts of the flesh
    *”Fruitful” action steps anyone can do to walk in the Spirit
    *The who, what, where, when and why of Paul’s letter to the Galatians

    Rose Visual Bible Studies are packed with full-color visuals that show key information at a glance! With their easy-to-use format-read it, know it, explore it, and live it-these 6-week inductive studies are perfect for gaining a deeper insight into God’s Word.

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  • Bible Chronology Made Easy


    Did you know that the Bible has more than 1,100 chapters and 30,000 verses? It can be easy to get lost in all its people, places, and stories. Discover where your favotire Bible story fits within God’s great story of human history with Bible Chronology Made Easy.

    From Genesis to Revelation, all sixty-six books are arranged chronologically in this pocket-sized handbook. See Bible characters and events in the order that they happened and understand Bible history at a glance.

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  • 100 Old Testament Quotes By Jesus Pamphlet


    In this colorful foldout chart, you can see 100 times when Jesus used the Old Testament in His teachings. With both Old and New Testament references side by side, you can compare Old Testament scriptures with how Christ used them to teach his followers in the New Testament.

    Jesus frequently quoted the Old Testament prophets to reveal to His disciples who He was and what would happen in the last days. He referred to Old Testament people such as Noah, David and the Queen of Sheba and to stories like the manna in the wilderness and Jonah and the great fish. He used words and concepts from the Hebrew Scriptures that His Jewish audience would have been very familiar with.

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  • Rose Guide To The Book Of Acts


    With pictures, charts, maps, time lines, and a clear and outlined format, this introduction to the Book of Acts helps you explore the key people, places, and stories of the first Christians and Early Church.

    *Packed with helpful resources, Rose Guide to the Book of Acts includes:
    *Overview of Acts: author, date, outline, summary, themes, history
    *Life and missionary journeys of the apostle Paul
    *A to Z guide of who’s who in the book of Acts
    *Maps for Paul’s journeys, Philip’s travels, the world of the first Christians, and more
    *Timeline of the early church: AD 1-100
    *The Holy Spirit in the life of the Early Church
    *And more!

    There are hundreds of key people, events, and places within the Book of Acts, so how can you cover all of them in their first century contexts? The Rose Guide to the Book of Acts provides visual aids, charts, maps, and timelines to help you not only understand but see key concepts at a glance! See how the stories in the book of Acts speak to our modern-day church, missionary work, and the spiritual lives of Christians today.

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  • Greatest Commandment Pamphlet


    Gain fresh insight with charts, clear summaries, reflection questions, and practical applications for Jesus’ greatest commandment that turned the religious legalism of his day upside down.

    You likely know the greatest commandment, but do you know what it meant in Jesus’ time, in context of historical and cultural backgrounds? This easy-to-read pamphlet explains all the need-to-know details and key facts at a glance! Learn:
    Jesus’ definition of love for your neighbor
    The historical context of Jewish religious culture in Jesus’ day
    The political and spiritual power struggles at the heart of the pharisees’ hatred of Jesus
    Why different groups of Jewish leaders disagreed about the weightiest commandments
    Traits of godly love for the self

    The Pharisees debated over 600 commandments to try to trap and discredit Jesus and his teachings. The Gospel of Mark is a record of some of Jesus’s answers, including the most brilliant and important summary of all: “The most important one,” answered Jesus, “is this: “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: “Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” Unpack and dig deeper into the greatest commandment and enrich your Bible study like never before!

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  • Going : Spiritual Practices – Bible Studies


    It’s never been easier to teach the spiritual disciplines from the Bible in a highly visual way, featuring charts, illustrations, interactive questions, and more!

    Going: Spiritual Practices covers topics such as worship, service, Bible study, spiritual gifts, and spiritual disciplines, equipping Christians with the tools they need to go disciple others.

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  • I Am Pamphlet


    I Am: Seven Powerful Claims of Christ is a full-color, glossy-coated pamphlet that fits in the back of most Bibles for handy reference. Packed with illustrations, simple summaries, and charts, this pamphlet covers the 7 powerful I AM statements Jesus made at a glance!

    Seven times in the gospel of John, Jesus makes powerful I AM statements: I am the bread of life. I am the light of the world. I am the good shepherd. I am the true vine. This foldout pamphlet gives you a deeper understanding of the biblical imagery of Christ’s seven I AM sayings.

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  • Praise And Prayer A Devotional For Preteens Ages 10-12


    Praise and Prayer is a hands-on, interactive devotional with over 100 devotions that teaches kids how to apply praise and prayer in every aspect of their life.

    God loves to hear the praises from His children. No matter what is going on in your life, God is waiting to hear from you. This full-color, interactive, journaling devotional will help preteens praise God in all of life’s situations!

    Each part of this devotional is designed to help preteens learn God’s Word and to help them find ways to praise and share with God their joys, sorrows, and fears each and every day. This devotional will help preteens grow closer to God through praise and prayer.

    Praise and Prayer is Unlike Any Other Preteen Devotional or Bible Journal!
    Unlike most preteen devotionals that share a quick story and a prayer or memory verse, this devotional is packed with hands-on activities to engage your preteens. The book is split into two sections, “Praise” and “Prayer.” Each devotional is 2 pages–perfect for the shortest attention spans–and includes:

    *Bible reading
    *Life-application questions
    *Space for journaling praises or prayers
    *Suggested prayer
    *Interactive ways to live out Bible truths

    4 Key Features of the Praise and Prayer Devotional for Preteens

    1. Age Appropriate – Preteens have a lot to think about, including family, friends, school, and church. So how can they start seeing God in each aspect of their lives? From word choice to concepts, this devotional is designed with the preteen in mind.

    2. Fun, Practical, and Hands On – Rather than having your preteen sit and read the Bible with no guidance, enjoy having clever ways to let them interact with it! From fun questions to interesting life applications, this hands-on devotional will get your preteen actively engaged in their devotional time.

    3. Easy to Use – With clear headings, full color print, and a simple format, each daily devotion is easy to use and provides clear instructions.

    4. Easy to Understand – Whether your preteen is a new believer or has been a Christian their entire life, this devotional is written to meet preteens where they’re at!

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  • Understanding The World Of Jesus Pamphlet


    Experience reading the stories of Jesus in the Gospels in a whole new way! Understanding the World of Jesus is a slimline pamphlet packed with key information about the fascinating time in which Jesus lived.

    The apostle Paul wrote that “when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son” (Gal. 4:4). It’s no coincidence that God the Father sent his Son into the world exactly when and where he did. This pamphlet lets you see snapshots of the most important historical, cultural, and political changes that formed the setting to the life and ministry of Jesus. In this easy-to-understand overview, you’ll get answers to questions like: What language did Jesus speak? What’s the difference between Pharisees and the Sadducees? Who were the Samaritans? What happened in the time between the Old Testament and New Testament? Who are all those different Herods in the Bible?


    *Timeline of key people and events before the birth of Christ
    *Family tree of Herod’s dynasty
    *Map of the Roman Empire
    *Jewish religious and political groups
    *Comparison chart of Pharisees and Sadducees
    *Languages in the time of Jesus
    *Jewish expectations for the Messiah

    This pamphlet’s high-gloss coating makes it a durable, convenient resource you’re sure to keep with you and use time and again. Fits in the back of most Bibles so you can take it anywhere.

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  • Chronology Of The Bible Pamphlet


    Enjoy seeing over 200 key Bible characters, books, and events across 2,200 years of biblical history at a glance!

    Ever wanted to read the Bible in the order that each of the events happened? Now you can! Chronology of the Bible is a valuable pamphlet and chronological Bible reading plan that helps you see Bible history from Genesis to Revelation in chronological order. Simple, colorful, and easy to follow, this fold-out pamphlet covers more than 2,200 years of biblical history. It includes over 200 key Bible characters, books, and events arranged on a timeline in the order that they happened. This attractive and easy-to-use pamphlet helps you discover where your favorite Bible stories fit within the larger story of God’s Word.

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  • I Am Bible Study


    In the Gospel of John, Jesus uses “I Am” statements that tell his listeners exactly who he is: the Bread of Life; the Light of the World; the Gate; the Good Shepherd; the Resurrection and the Life; the Way, the Truth, and the Life; and the True Vine. These claims infuriated the religious leaders and eventually led to Jesus’ crucifixion. This six-session study examines Jesus’ extraordinary claims and shows how Jesus provides, protects, guides, saves, and gives everything we need to grow in spiritual maturity.

    *6-session flexible Bible study
    *Optional reading plan for people with more time who want to go deeper
    *Leader’s guide is contained within each study guide, so no extra book purchase is required
    *Discussion questions for each session and lots of space for writing

    Most Bible studies on Jesus don’t include visuals. Imagine having one that does! Perfect for group and individual use, young adult study, homeschool, church library, to give to a friend, and more!

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  • Proverbs : Bible Study


    The book of Proverbs helps us master the art of godly living. True wisdom is the ability to see life and the world the way God sees them. In this six-session study, you’ll learn about practical, day-to-day godly living from the book of Proverbs. Discover the book’s main themes, background, interpretations, and connections with the New Testament and the church today. Gain true wisdom, a deeper sense of who God is, and the ability to trust in God’s faithfulness.

    *6-session flexible Bible study
    *Optional reading plan for people with more time who want to go deeper
    *Leader’s guide is contained within each study guide, so no extra book purchase is required
    *Discussion questions for each session and lots of space for writing

    Most Bible studies on Proverbs don’t include visuals. Imagine having one that does! Perfect for group and individual use, young adult study, homeschool, church library, to give to a friend, and more!

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  • Ark Of The Covenant Pamphlet


    Inside the holiest of holy places in the tabernacle stood the Ark of the Covenant. This gold-covered box was Israel’s most sacred object and the one that most symbolized God’s presence. Its power and uniqueness has given rise to all sorts of curiosity, speculation, and mystery surrounding the ark. Even longtime students of the Bible still have questions about the ark.

    This slimline pamphlet gives biblical answers to your questions about the Ark of the Covenant:

    *Who built the ark and why?
    *How big was the ark and what was inside it?
    *What was the mercy seat for?
    *What happened to the ark?
    *And more!

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  • Life Of Jesus Time Line Pamphlet


    See Over 75 Key Events in Jesus’ Life and Ministry-At a Glance!

    There are 89 chapters in the Gospels that cover Jesus’ life from his birth to his ascension-that’s a lot to cover! Enjoy having an easy-to-read time line which shows over 75 events in Jesus’ life and ministry along with key scriptures-at a glance!

    Easily see the stories of Jesus in the four Gospels in a fresh new way by looking at them in the order they happened with this full-color time line. From the birth of Christ in Bethlehem to his ascension into heaven, see helpful Bible references for 75 key events, including Jesus’ ministry, the Transfiguration, the Last Supper, and more at a glance!

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  • Essential Guide To The Bible


    Looking for a quick & compact summary of each book of the Bible? See key information about all 66 books of the Bible at a glance.

    The Bible has sixty-six books, more than a thousand chapters, and was written by about forty different authors. This full-color guide gives you a quick, 4-to-6-page introduction to each book of the Bible, and it’s packed with over 150 charts, overviews, and pictures!

    Get a Solid Overview of All 66 Book of the Bible

    Want a solid overview of the entire Bible? From Genesis to Revelation, Essential Guide to the Bible helps you make sense of the Bible at a glance! This full-color guide gives you a fantastic 4-to-6 page overview of each book of the Bible, and includes:

    *The purpose of the book
    *The theme and how it fits in with the rest of the Bible
    *The author, date, audience, and brief history of that time period
    *Outline and key verses of each book so you can find important stories fast
    *Maps, time lines, charts, and full-color photos
    *Archaeological discoveries that give insight into the culture of the time
    *Explanation of how Jesus is reflected in each book
    *Practical applications for God’s people today

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  • World Christianity Pamphlet


    Which countries have not heard about Jesus? Where do most Christians live? How has missions work impacted children s access to education? Get answers to these questions and more with World Christianity: Quick Facts for Mission-Minded Christians. Whether you are considering a missions project, want to know where best to give your resources, or simply want a prayer guide for Christians around the world, this quick-reference pamphlet shows up-to-date information in a concise, easy-to-use format.

    Commonly referred to as the Great Commission, Jesus commanded his disciples to Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation (Mark 16:15, NIV). More than 2,000 years later, his twenty-first-century disciples are still spreading the Good News around the globe. What has been their impact? What areas still need the most help?

    This pamphlet combines data from the World Christian Database (from the Center for the Study of Global Christianity at Gordon-Conwell Seminary) with Rose Publishing s trademark visual style to show you key information at a glance. It s packed with maps, charts, and infographics on current global data, such as:
    *Facts & statistics including: development, average Christian income, education & literacy, internet use, healthcare (infant mortality, life expectancy, etc.), access to safe water, and more
    *Bible translation
    *Christian income and assets distribution

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  • Chronology Of Israels Kings And Prophets Pamphlet


    Easily cover decades of Israel’s history at a glance with this slim line pamphlet packed with side-by-side chapter overviews and charts. This easy-to-read chronology takes you through the books of 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings, and 1 and 2 Chronicles chapter by chapter.

    This pamphlet helps Bible readers keep track of who’s who and what happened when in Israel’s history. Compare the stories of kings such as David and Solomon with the many kings of Israel and Judah, as well the ministries of prophets such as Samuel, Elijah, and Elisha.

    Glossy laminated pamphlet, ultra-slim, 14 panels, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches.

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  • 12 Disciples : Bible Study


    Jesus called twelve ordinary men–and turned their weaknesses into strengths, their faults into testimonies, and their doubts into faith. Who were these men who walked with Jesus? What can we learn from their lives? Find out with The Twelve Disciples Visual Bible Study.

    From John and Peter to Matthew and Mark, enjoy digging deeper into the lives of each of Jesus’ twelve disciples and learn more about:
    *Their personalities
    *Why Jesus called each of them
    *How they served
    *The lessons that we can learn from their mishaps and strengths
    *And more!

    All-Inclusive Ready-to-Use Bible Study on the Twelve Disciples Can Be Led By Anyone!
    This highly visual and informative introduction to the twelve disciples shows how Jesus called the Twelve individually–and uniquely–for life with him. See how Jesus entrusted them with authority despite all their mishaps and failures. Discover how these men’s lives were radically changed in the midst of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection; and celebrate the global effect they had for generations to come. Features include:
    *6-session flexible Bible study
    *Optional reading plan for people with more time who want to go deeper
    *Leader’s guide is contained within each study guide, so no extra book purchase is required
    *Discussion questions for each session and lots of space for writing

    Most Bible studies on the twelve disciples don’t include visuals. Imagine having one that does!

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  • 10 Keys To Spiritual Growth Pamphlet


    Followers of Christ want to grow spiritually, but aren’t always sure how to get started. This slimline pamphlet offers 10 ways to grow your faith and recognize the Holy Spirit’s work in your life. Packed with simple summaries and practical applications, Rose’s 10 Keys to Spiritual Growth covers essential discipleship topics in an easy-to-understand way, making it perfect for individual or small group use.

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  • Tabernacle : Bible Study


    Learn how the sacrifices, tabernacle items, and even the structure of the tabernacle were designed to show us something about God. In this useful resource, see the parallels between the Old Testament sacrifices and priestly duties and Jesus’ service as the perfect sacrifice and perfect high priest. Features include:

    *Short, concise lessons for people with busy lives
    *Optional reading plan for people with more time who want to go deeper
    *Leader’s guide is contained within each study guide, so no extra book purchase is required
    *Discussion questions for each session and lots of space for writing.

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  • Sermon On The Mount Pamphlet


    Rose Publishing pamphlets are known for their accessibility and concise presentation of in-depth topics for Christians of all walks of faith. The Sermon on the Mount pamphlet offers Jesus’ best known teachings from Matthew 5-7, and easily fits into most Bibles as a handy reference. This pamphlet includes:
    *The Beatitudes
    *The Lord’s Prayer
    *Teaching on believers as salt and light
    *Fulfillment of the law
    *Storing treasures in heaven
    *The wise and foolish builders
    *And much more!

    Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, and new believers classes. Jesus’ beloved teachings on finding hope and joy offer a true picture of God’s blessings for believers.

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  • Bible Overview KJV Authorized Version Pamphlet


    Want a quick overview of the entire King James Bible? Enjoy having a simple summary of all 66 books of the Bible at your fingertips with this slimline pamphlet (KJV edition)! See what you need to know at a glance with this full-color, ultra-slimline pamphlet! This edition includes the same quick-reference charts, summaries, and outlines as Rose’s popular Bible Overview pamphlet, but quotes Scriptures only from the trusted King James Version. For each book of the Bible, it shows the name of the book, the author, topic, where and when it was written, purpose, and a key verse from the KJV! Enjoy having these features at your fingertips:

    *Easy-to-understand overview on ALL 66 books of the Bible, answering key questions:
    *Who wrote the book?
    *Where was it written?
    *When was it written?
    *Why was it written?

    *Basic outline for each book of the Bible along with a key Scripture from the KJV.

    *Color-coded-See which books are grouped together: Pentateuch, historical books, poetry, major prophets, Gospels, Paul’s Epistles, and more!

    *Slimline-Easily fits inside most Bible covers making it easy to pull out and reference!

    Whether you’re a new believer or a longtime Christian, enjoy the clear headings, easy-to-read summaries, and concise information in Rose’s Bible Overview: KJV Authorized Version pamphlet. Perfect for Sunday school, church libraries, giveaways, group and individual use, discipleship, new believers, church membership classes, and more.

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  • Life Of Paul


    An archenemy of the early Christians who became a great Christian missionary and the author of thirteen books in the New Testament. Paul’s letters speak profoundly to us centuries later as the inspired word of God. The study brings to life the struggles and circumstances of Paul’s life, his courage in the face of persecution, and his relentless mission to spread the good news of Jesus. Capitalizing on the recognized excellence of Rose’s visual elements, Rose Visual Bible Studies are packed with charts, graphs, images, and fascinating facts. These Bible studies are easy enough that the new believer understands, but in-depth enough that the longtime churchgoer still comes away learning something new.

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  • Armor Of God


    This study provides historically accurate background of a Roman centurion’s armor, then draws vital correlations to the spiritual armor God gives his children: the Belt of Truth, the Breastplate of Righteousness, Feet Prepared with the Gospel of Peace, the Shield of Faith, the Helmet of Salvation, and the Sword of the Spirit. Helps those you teach learn to “stand firm in the faith.” Capitalizing on the recognized excellence of Rose’s visual elements, Rose Visual Bible Studies are packed with charts, graphs, images, and fascinating facts. These Bible studies are easy enough that the new believer understands, but in-depth enough that the longtime churchgoer still comes away learning something new.

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  • 1 Corinthians 13 Pamphlet


    This beautiful, full-color pamphlet unpacks this rich biblical passage, examining and applying the hard work of loving others. Learn the difference between the four kinds of love (agape, phileo, etc.), gain in-depth insights on loving unconditionally, and understand the biblical principles you need to spark, growth, healing, and restoration to your relationships today.

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  • Transformed Heart Pamphlet


    Discover the signs of a heart truly transformed by the power of the gospel in Rose’s new pamphlet, The Transformed Heart. The Gospel has the power to transform hearts-hearts that were wounded, hardened, or that have grown cold. Whether you are a new or mature believer, God is interested in the condition and attitude of your heart. This pamphlet will deepen your understanding of what it means to follow Christ whole-heartedly. Features charts, simple summaries, and practical applications.

    *Charts, simple summaries, and practical applications
    *14 full-color pages with summaries and charts
    *A side-by-side look at healthy or hardened heart
    *Scripture references, definitions, and more

    Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, new believer’s classes, church giveaways, or to keep in your Bible to reference when someone has a question. Fits inside most Bibles covers. Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches, full color, glossy coating. Folds out to 38 inches.

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  • Judges Of Israel Pamphlet


    Enjoy having an easy-to-understand overview of the judges of Israel! From Deborah and Samson to Samuel and Gideon, see how God called upon these 14 amazing individuals to deliver Israel from oppression. Features simple summaries, quick-reference charts, an Old Testament map, time line, and more!

    The judges of Israel weren’t what anyone would call “conventional” leaders. One had a violent temper. One was the son of a prostitute. Another a woman in a male-dominated society. What did they all have in common? God called these courageous, relentless, and passionate seekers of the Lord to liberate Israel and bring them back into a right relationship with him.

    Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, new believer’s classes, church giveaways, or to keep in your Bible to reference when someone has a question. Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches, full color, glossy coating. Folds out to 38 inches. Fits in a Bible cover.

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  • Your New Name In Christ Pamphlet


    This is a 14 panel pamphlet that explains how believers are given a new identity and new names when they trust in Christ. Includes the meaning, key Bible verses, and application for each name.
    Folds out to 38 inches. Fits inside a Bible cover.

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  • Christian Symbols Pamphlet


    From the symbol of a fish to the cross, Christians for centuries have used pictures and symbols to communicate key and powerful truths about the Bible. But, where did these symbols come from? Why are they important? Enjoy clearly seeing 50 of the most common Christian symbols at a glance! For each symbol, easily find out key information, including its meaning, origin, uses, fascinating facts, and more!

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  • What The Bible Says About Fasting Pamphlet


    See key information on fasting at a glance! From Jesus’ 40 day fast in the wilderness to the “Daniel” fast, What the Bible Says About Fasting covers dozens of Bible verses on fasting and features over 20 practical tips for how to fast and pray!

    Have you ever wondered why fasting is important? Do you want to fast, but not sure if you are doing it “right?” Have you fasted before, and nothing happened? Fasting is a key spiritual discipline that will grow your spiritual intimacy with the Lord and refresh your prayer life. Deepen your understanding of fasting and see key information at a glance with this quick-reference pamphlet packed with charts, dozens of fasting verses, and practical tips!

    Enjoy getting solid answer to key questions on fasting:
    *What is fasting? Why should I fast?
    *Does Jesus say we are required to fast?
    *What’s the “Daniel fast?”
    *Will fasting help me get closer to God?
    *How can I fast and what is the right way to fast?

    Find out 4 different types of fasts; discover 8 tips on how to start fasting, and explore the connection between prayer and fasting as you dive into 17 stories of fasting from the Bible, including Daniel, Esther, Nehemiah, and Jesus. Great for personal or group Bible study!

    14 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 38 inches long.

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  • Major Prophets Pamphlet


    This overview of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, and Daniel covers the ministries of these major prophets who encouraged, warned, and exhorted the people of Israel. Pamphlet includes a map, time line, historical context of each prophet, a chart of the major themes and key verses, and a chart showing the date, audience, and events of the time. Explains why these are called the “major” prophets, how prophecy is used in the Bible, and give fascinating facts about the prophets.

    Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches, full color, glossy coating. Folds out to 38 inches. Fits in a Bible cover.

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  • Basic Church History Time Line Pamphlet


    This visual Church History Time Line includes a Denominations Chart so you can see when various Christian churches started. This horizontal time line starts from the time of Jesus and continues to modern day. Packed with hundreds of events and people, this time line makes it easy to see:
    *Church growth
    *Christian expansion in other countries
    *History of Bible Translation
    *Martyrs, monks, and missionaries
    *Gutenberg Bible, King James Bible, and rise of modern translations.

    Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches, full color, glossy coating. Folds out to 38 inches. Fits in a Bible cover.

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  • Abraham Journey Of Faith Pamphlet


    Abraham is mentioned over 300 times throughout the Bible and is considered one of the most important people to know from the Old Testament. Easily cover 20 key events from his life at a glance with Rose’s Life of Abraham pamphlet. Packed with simple summaries, quick-reference charts, a timeline, a map, and more-this incredible pamphlet is perfect for personal or small group use. Use it as a stand-alone Abraham Bible study or to add depth to any Old Testament study.

    Understanding the relationship between Abraham and God is key to understanding the Old and New Testament-and this pamphlet makes it easier than ever before. Enjoy having these features at your fingertips:
    *Easy-to-follow timeline covering 20 key events from Abraham’s life
    *Family Tree of Abraham (Starts with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob)
    *Quick-Reference Charts on key topics, including the 2 major types of covenants
    *Full-Color map showing Abraham’s journey from Haran
    *Relevant insights, reflection questions, and more!

    What happened from the time Abraham was called to leave Haran to the time he was willing to sacrifice his son? How did God use Abraham to point to the coming of Christ? Why does God refer to himself as the “God of Abraham?” The answers to these questions and many others are found in The Life of Abraham pamphlet. Discover the significance of God calling Abraham “his friend” and deepen your understanding of what it means to serve a Covenant God. Covers key relationships, including Abraham and Sarah, Abraham and Hagar, and even Abraham and Isaac.

    Perfect for personal use, small groups, Adult Sunday School, pastors, church leaders, Bible studies, and homeschool curriculum.

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  • Plan Of Salvation Pamphlet


    Packed with simple summaries, witnessing tips, and helpful illustrations, such as Romans Road, this easy-to-understand pamphlet shows how to present the Gospel in a simple yet effective way. It answers key question, including: What is the good news? How can I explain the gospel? and How can I share my faith?

    Enjoy having word pictures, simple explanations, and key Bible verses at your fingertips while covering these important topics:
    *4 keys to understanding the good news of the Gospel
    *5 insights into what it means to be a disciple of Christ
    *6 ways God promises to help us when sharing the gospel
    *Over 10 helpful witnessing tips and evangelism tools (Includes helpful illustrations, quick-reference charts, and Romans Road)

    Perfect for individual use, Bible studies, discipleship classes, evangelism training, new believer’s classes, church giveaways, or to keep in your Bible to reference when someone has a question. Fits inside most Bibles covers.

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  • 100 Things To Know When Dating Pamphlet


    Unfolds To 33″ Long
    High Gloss Plastic Coated Sheet

    Additional Info
    PAMPHLET:100 Things to Know
    Here are 100 fantastic topics to consider when you are interested in someone. Questions cover topics such as character, responsibility, Christian faith, honesty, motivation, habits, addictions, and danger areas.
    * Does this person get along with other people in his or her family?
    * Does this person seem to have a vital relationship with God or does
    he or she just say religious things? (1 John 2:3-6)
    * Does he or she joke or brag about doing wrong things? (Proverbs 10:23)
    * Does this person flirt with others or treat you with respect? (1 Cor. 13)
    * Is he or she irritable, unforgiving, stubborn or looking for an
    opportunity to take revenge? (Matt. 5:38-39)
    * Does he or she talk about past relationships often?
    * Is their anything about him or her you would not want your parents or
    friends to know?

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  • Parable Of The Prodigal Son Pamphlet


    Discover new insights into the Prodigal Son parable and be amazed at the depth of God’s love with Rose’ Publishing Parable of the Prodigal Son pamphlet. Features section-by-section commentary, simple summaries, and reflection question.
    We know Parable of the Prodigal Son Bible studies usually highlight the loving father’s forgiveness of his wayward son, but this Bible study also shows you how to extend compassion, grace, and forgiveness to your own prodigals. Discover original ways of how the parable applies to your life with this 14-page Bible study resource. Gain fresh insight with practical application steps and original reflection questions. Perfect for individual use or small group Bible studies.

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  • 12 Tribes Of Israel Pamphlet


    Enjoy having a simple overview on the 12 Tribes of Israel at your fingertips. See each tribe’s symbol, meaning, history, and other fascinating facts at a glance. Includes incredible visual aids, such as a full-color map, family tree, Tabernacle diagram, and more.

    Almost every person in the Bible belonged to one of the 12 Tribes of Israel based on their ancestry: From Moses who was a Levite to the Apostle Paul who was Benjaminite. Each tribe had its own history, land, and heritage. Now you can easily grasp the “backstory” of each tribe and see key information at a glance! For example, find out the significance of Jesus being called the “Lion of Judah.” For each of the 12 Tribes of Israel, you will get-
    *A quick overview of its meaning, size, family history, location, and more.
    *A picture of the tribe’s symbol (such as the lion from the Tribe of Judah)
    *Simple summary of Jacob’s blessing, Moses’ blessing, and other key events related to each tribe. (Find out the major battles, controversies, and scandals that impacted each tribe. Plus, see which important Bible people came from each tribe of Israel.)

    Perfect for individual or group use. 14 panels, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 38 inches long.

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  • Believers Baptism Pamphlet


    Baptism is one of the most important practices in the church, something that Jesus calls his followers to do. It reminds us of Jesus’ death and resurrection and the new life we have in him! Enjoy having an easy-to-understand overview on what the Bible says about baptism at your fingertips. Packed with simple summaries, this baptism pamphlet covers what baptism is, why we should be baptized, and more. Perfect for individual use, group Bible studies, a New Believers’ class, baptism gift, baptism class, etc.

    Enjoy having this easy-to-understand overview on baptism at your fingertips. This pamphlet clarifies the basics and reassures believers about this important step–church leaders may use this to help those who may be nervous or hesitant.

    Answers these questions–
    *What is baptism? (Explains believer’s baptism and symbolism of immersion)
    *Why we should be baptized? (Gives 5 reasons to be baptized)
    *What happens during baptism? How do I know if I am ready to be baptized?
    *What does it mean to be baptized in Jesus’ name?
    *What does the Bible say about baptism? (It fulfills Jesus’ command (Matt. 28:19), Jesus set the example (1 John 2:6), it is a testimony to others (Romans 6:5), and more.)

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  • Hebrews Pamphlet : A Study In The Book Of Hebrews


    Find out how to persevere, remain faithful, and live a life that glorifies God with this incredible in-depth Bible study on Hebrews. See how the early church withstood intense persecution and experience the peace that comes from recognizing Christ as our perfect High Priest. Includes section-by-section commentary, quick-reference charts, and simple summaries!

    Hebrews was written during a time of intense persecution against Christians in the Roman Empire. During that time, believers needed encouragement to follow Christ- just as we do today. By showing Jesus’ superiority to the Old Covenant, the letter encourages believers (then and now) to be faithful to Jesus even during the toughest of times! Enjoy having a fantastic overview on the entire book of Hebrews at your fingertips-get incredible insight into Jesus’ superiority to the old covenant and be encouraged by 15 heroes of our faith who resisted the urge to give up and stood firmly in their faith!

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