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Scripture Memory

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  • 77 Memory Verses Every Kid Should Know


    Boys and girls aged 5-8 will enjoy memorizing 77 of the Bible’s key Scripture verses in this fun and engaging format. 77 Memory Verses Every Kid Should Know makes memorizing Scripture as easy as 1 – READ it, 2- WRITE it and 3 – COLOR it! Size: 7 x 5 x .4

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  • Hiding The Word In My Heart


    Scripture memorization is a holy habit that has huge benefits for every believer! Then, why don t we do more of it? There are several reasons. We ve never really become convinced of its value. The routine has never been established. It feels too BIG. And, we just don t know the techniques of memorizing that make it easier. When we do memorize scripture, we usually get it into our short-term memory, but never move it to long-term memory. This book offers help and encouragement to get started, or to get back into the habit. It is divided into three main sections: Part 1 gives 14 keys to memorization, including why we memorize scripture and methods of memorization Part 2 includes games and activities for exploring the Scriptures, reviewing passages, recalling Scriptures, and reviewing multiple verses. Part 3 provides an outline, along with lesson plans, for an intensive six-week program where you memorize large portions of scripture. Whether you re leading the children at church in scripture memorization, doing it as a personal discipline, or including it as part of family worship, the games, outlines, lesson plans, memorization techniques, and ways to explore the passage to gain understanding are all packaged in this one-of-a-kind resource. Let s learn how to hide God s Word in our hearts for the long haul! Features and Benefits Offers encouragement and methods for memorizing scripture. Includes games, outlines, lesson plans and memorization techniques. Divided into three parts: Keys to Memorization, Games and Activities, and an Outline and Lesson Plan for a six-week program where participants memorize large portions of scripture. Teaches ways to explore the passage to gain understanding. Methods have been tested by author in children s ministry settings. Ideal resource for children s ministry, personal study or family worship.

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  • 52 Ways To Teach Memory Verses Ages 2-12


    1. Bible Verse Time
    2. Memory Verse Surprises
    3. Spin-The-Verse
    4. Bible Roll Call
    5. Memory Verse Ladder
    6. Spelldown
    7. Memory Verses On A Can
    8. Fill The Blanks
    9. Envelope Race
    10. Chalkboard Erase
    11. Bible Verse Memory Rings
    12. Life Response
    13. Bee Line For Bible Verses
    14. Shining Verses
    15. Memory Verse Bible
    16. Stop And Go
    17. Preschool Memories
    18. Lost Sheep And Sheepfold
    19. Illustrated Bookmarks
    20. Bible Verse Baseball
    21. Shout The Word
    22. Stars In My Crown
    23. Pick And Choose
    24. Memory Verse Musical Chairs
    25. Bible Pick-Up Sticks
    26. Scattered Words
    27. Spin And Go
    28. Back And Forth
    29. Through The Bible – A To Z
    30. Clue Review Contest
    31. Let’s Go Fishing
    32. Memory Verse Calendar Booklet
    33. Ski The Slopes
    34. Name That Verse
    35. Memory Verse Tic-Tac-Toe
    36. God’s Creation Picture
    37. One Word Choral Recitation
    38. Family Dinner Memories
    39. See It And Say It
    40. Scripture Puppet
    41. Standing Bible
    42. Ten Commandment Tables
    43. Break The Balloon
    44. Memory Mobile
    45. Harvest Time
    46. Thanksgiving Togetherness
    47. Tree Of Stars
    48. Bible Flower Garden
    49. How To Lead A Child To Christ
    50. Commandment Clip
    51. Fill The Beehive
    52. Bible Target Practice
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    Sports fans recite batting averages. Teens dial number after number by memory. To Christians, God’s Word should be even more vital and meaningful. The reproducible pages in this book are filled with 52 exciting ways to assure that children age 2-12 will remember, understand, and know how to practice verses in their lives.

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