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Jeremiah Johnson

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  • Power Of Consecration


    You have been set apart for such a time as this.

    In these last days, God is bringing forth His people to fulfill major Kingdom assignments in every sphere of influence. From business leaders to church planters, from Hollywood entertainers to educators, from the pulpit to the political arena, God is raising up pioneers who are called and anointed to bring supernatural transformation.

    As God’s people give themselves completely to Him and His Kingdom purpose, they will become catalysts for bringing the awakening and reformation that has been prophesied.

    Author, prophet, and church planter, Jeremiah Johnson, is convinced: this is more than a book or a message; this is a prophetic mandate the Lord is entrusting to a generation.

    Beyond building a church, school, and prophetic ministry, there is a grace on his life to help believers partner with God’s process in order to see assignments fulfilled.

    In The Power of Consecration, Jeremiah helps you to…
    *Live the kind of lifestyle that can carry Kingdom power and influence.
    *Cultivate a “secret place” lifestyle that attracts the true rewards and riches of Heaven.
    *Unlock a new realm of kingdom demonstration that we have not yet seen before in the earth.

    Receive this urgent prophetic word: the lack of demonstration in the church is directly connected to the lack of consecration.

    Could it be that the Holy Spirit is daring those who are hungry to come seek Him, to those who are willing to pay a price, that if we will consecrate ourselves fully, He will manifest His kingdom fully in the earth.

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