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Lee Fields

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  • Hebrew For The Rest Of Us Second Edition


    Learn the Essentials of Biblical Hebrew So You Can Study the Old Testament More Deeply

    Hebrew for the Rest of Us, Second Edition by Lee M. Fields is a guide for English-only readers to understand the highlights taught in three or four semesters of Hebrew language study to deepen their approach and understanding of Scripture. Fields highlights essential Hebrew grammar by drawing on parallels to English grammar and then moves the reader toward developing necessary skills and knowledge of the language so as to utilize the great number of Bible study materials available.

    The material taught in the book aims to enable students to know:

    *Why translations differ
    *How to do careful Hebrew word studies
    *How to engage in basic but detailed Hebrew exegesis
    *How to read more advanced Old Testament commentaries with greater understanding

    What’s new in the second edition?

    *Rewritten material on the verb chapters that is more streamlined and accessible.
    *Updated and reformatted charts.
    *Updated word study procedure.
    *Brief treatments on Aramaic.
    *Addition of indexes.
    *Collection at the back of the book of commonly used charts for easy reference.

    For anyone interested in seriously studying the Old Testament, Hebrew for the Rest of Us is your gateway to learning the skills and tools you need to accomplish your goals. You can enhance your learning experience even more with the Hebrew for the Rest Us Workbook (sold separately), which contains exercises to help practice and reinforce the concepts you are learning in the main book.

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