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Monica Swanson

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  • Becoming Homeschoolers : Give Your Kids A Great Education, A Strong Family,


    Monica Swanson helps you navigate your real-world concerns about school, culture, and what it takes to create an amazing homeschool experience that you and your kids will never regret!

    If you’ve ever wondered whether you have what it takes to homeschool your children, look no further. Parenting author, podcaster, and homeschool mom Monica Swanson is here to tell you: you can do it. In fact, it can be the most fun, family-unifying, character-building, life-equipping experience you and your children will ever have.

    Becoming Homeschoolers tackles your legitimate doubts and fears about homeschooling, as well as the questions you want answered before you commit–questions like where to start and how to choose a curriculum, build social skills, teach what you’re not good at, and prepare for college. With humor and encouragement, Monica weaves her own story of homeschooling her four boys with step-by-step, practical advice on how to:

    *Assess whether home education is right for you and your children
    *Establish a foundation of faith in your everyday homeschool routine
    *Find socialization opportunities such as sports and extracurricular activities
    *Care for yourself and your marriage even as you spend more time each day with your kids
    *Tackle the practical side of homeschooling, including standardized tests, transcripts, college readiness, and navigating education requirements

    It’s time to trade fear for empowerment and insecurity for confidence as you live out your own story of becoming homeschoolers.

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  • Raising Amazing : Bringing Up Kids Who Love God, Like Their Family, And Do


    Raising Amazing combines years of research with personal stories and step-by-step, practical advice to equip you to raise kids of godly character and deep faith who love their parents and remain close to their siblings for a lifetime.

    Parents love to imagine their children growing up to be exceptional adults. But for many, raising exceptional adults seems a daunting task. Perhaps you’re a new parent and don’t know where to start, or maybe you’re a parent of teens and feel like you’ve made a mess of it all. Or perhaps you’re somewhere in between and just don’t think you’re good at the whole parenting thing.

    Wherever you are in your parenting journey, there’s hope for you. As a mom of four boys, Monica Swanson–also the author of Boy Mom and host of the popular Boy Mom podcast–knows firsthand the challenges and struggles of parenting and the kind of help that parents in the trenches are looking for.

    In Raising Amazing, Monica gives you the tools and techniques you need to:

    *Raise countercultural kids in the midst of a crazy world
    *Train your children in the biblical character qualities you value most
    *Find ways to help your kids navigate technology, sports, and dating
    *Introduce your children to a vibrant life of faith that will draw them closer to God
    *Cultivate strong sibling bonds and mend those that may already be struggling
    *Develop healthy relationships with your children that will lead to friendship for a lifetime
    *Encourage dads with a note to dads at the end of each chapter written by Monica’s husband

    This isn’t just a book; it’s a fresh perspective on parenting that may just change the trajectory of your family forever.

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