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  • Short Guide To Gospel Generosity


    We live in a possession and money obsessed culture.

    The normal American has far more than they need, yet still feel incredibly insecure, needing to grasp it all tightly and continue to gain more. This isn’t just true with our acquisition of things, but also in the way we approach all resources that God has given to us: our time, gifts and talents, our families, and our lives themselves. What is the solution to this problem?

    Throughout Gospel Generosity you will see how the answer to our obsession with possessions is turning to the Gospel. It’s only in the Gospel can we find the type of life transformation that enables us to turn our focus from ourselves to others, to give generously, and follow the way of Christ. God has modeled generosity throughout redemptive history, culminating in the gift of His Son, and this sacrificial generosity is the basis of true gospel generosity. Readers of this book will be called to consider all of their resources and gifts from God that are to be held loosely, ready to be used for God’s purposes. Everything is His anyway.

    Gospel generosity is simply giving that is rooted in the saving work of Jesus Christ. It is the Christian’s joyful awareness of what Christ has done for them and how they are privileged to participate in proclaiming that work through giving and advancing the Gospel. Generosity sprouts from the Gospel and bears fruit for the Gospel.

    In Gospel Generosity you will explore topics such as:

    *Giving is an issue of our heart, health, and service to God
    *Tithing is not a required practice of New Testament believers
    *The Kingdom of God calls Christians to humility, selflessness, and fidelity in giving
    *Called by Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, Christians give generously as an act of Grace to others until Jesus returns

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  • Find More Money


    What do you do when cutting your budget no longer cuts it?

    From pastors in the pulpit to people in the pews, many people have cut and cut, but still find themselves struggling to pay the bills. Their full-time job is giving them barely enough to get by; how could they even begin to think about eliminating debt, saving, and living generously?

    Financial expert and author Art Rainer ( The Money Challenge; The Marriage Challenge) helps answer these questions in Find More Money by pointing readers to the reality of the gig economy. When a full-time job doesn’t provide what you need, finding a “gig” may be the answer to your problems.

    Find More Money is not just about financial stewardship, but about stewarding your talents, time, and abilities–not so you can get rich, but so you can live generously on mission for the kingdom.

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  • True Riches : What Jesus Really Said About Money And Your Heart


    Harvard MBAs John Cortines and Gregory Baumer show readers that peace and contentment are only possible when they invite Jesus on their financial journeys and shift their hearts toward joyful generosity.

    Jesus talked a lot about money. He knew that how we think about and choose to use our finances plays a significant role in forming our character. Our handling of money can make us more like him–full of contentment, purpose, and freedom–or it can cause a tragic separation from God and the joy he offers.

    In True Riches, John Cortines and Gregory Baumer invite us to explore the words of Jesus and experience the four transformations we must make in our financial journey with Christ: moving from pride to gratitude, coveting to contentment, anxiety to generosity, and indifference to love. Full of scripture, personal stories, and practical application, True Riches offers a simple path away from the empty pursuit of wealth and into deeper relationship with God and a purpose-filled life of generosity.

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  • Giver And The Gift (Reprinted)


    CEO of Large Nonprofit Shares a New Approach to Fundraising

    Over the past 10 years, Peter Greer has helped HOPE International increase private fundraising at an annual growth rate of 44 percent. Much of this is the result of a relational approach to fundraising, which stands in stark contrast to conventional wisdom in the field.

    For many people, “fundraising” has become a dirty word. Conjuring images of guilt-inducing gimmickry, the predominant model saps the joy from both the donor and the receiver. It is time to dismantle certain shaky beliefs and practices, rediscovering a path that values the giver as much as the gift.

    Co-written by David Weekley, the chairman of David Weekley Homes and one of America’s most influential philanthropists, this small book outlines a Kingdom perspective on fundraising in order to energize a new generation of generosity.

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  • 52 Offering Prayers And Scriptures


    This powerful book on giving is the fruit of Pastor Frank Damazio’s three decades of ministry in leading churches in the area of finances and giving. Included are 52 sets of scriptures and prayers to assist pastors and leaders in guiding their congregations in faithful giving.

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  • What The Bible Says About Money Pamphlet


    Hundreds of Bible passages mention money: its power and its dangers and its blessings. This pamphlet gives ten key biblical principles about money, including (1) God owns everything and has given us many blessings, (2) Everything we have came from the Lord, (3) God holds us responsible for caring for others, (4) Money is not meant to enrich ourselves or to be hoarded but to bring blessings to others, 14 panels, fits inside most Bibles.

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